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We are both originally from the Seattle area and we still absolutely love it here.  But sometimes you just need to get a break from the doom and gloom and get your fill of vitamin D.

Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas have long been among our favorite travel destinations.  After having rented everything from villas to condominiums and even staying at some of the resorts in and around the region, we rented a unit in the Playa Esmeralda.

Almost immediately, we fell in love with its location, views, beaches, pool area, and other amenities. It was close enough to feel like we were in the city, but just far enough away to feel secluded. We knew that this the place we wanted to stay each and every time we returned, so we decided that we were in the market to purchase if the right opportunity presented itself. When unit 303 became available, it was exactly what we were after.  That was the genesis of Casa Bonita.

Since our purchase, we’ve stayed in the unit frequently over the years.  Every time we come back, we become more reassured that we made a great decision.

Our family has been enjoying Casa Bonita since 2004 . Our adult sons have grown up having Spring Break and Thanksgiving on the Beach. Over the years we have been fortunate to be able to share our piece of Paradise with family and friends.

What Bill and I love most about Puerto Vallarta are the locals.  They are lovely people and always have a welcoming smile for new friends and old.

Warm Regards,

Bill & Rory



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